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The Original Tailgate Stepping System - The Livingstep™ Tailgate Step "Steps Up" With a Live Interview on Colorado & Company.

DENVER, COLORADO . 9NEWS K*USA-TV - Colorado and Company hosted a live interview with Inventor and CEO of Tailgate Accessories Inc., Tom Livingston, to talk about how the Livingstep™ tailgate step has set itself apart from the other tailgate steps in the industry. "The Livingstep™ tailgate step promotes safety, performance, and installation regardless of the truck's manufacturer," commented Livingston. "This is a truck-lover's dream!" commented Colorado and Company.

During the interview, emphasis was placed on ease of use, installation and practicality. Although steps are commonly found on RVs, boats, and pools they have not been broadly available to pickup owners. The Livingstep™ tailgate step is changing that - you can not get in and out of the bed of your pickup truck with ease. "Look and feel how easy!" - commented Colorado and Company. Additionally, The Livingstep™ tailgate step can be easily installed on pickup trucks in less than 1 hour.

Inventor Tom Livingston shared some valuable insight about the Livingstep™ tailgate step with truck owners in Colorado. "The Livingstep™ tailgate step is manufactured in the USA. The quality is unsurpassed and no detail is overlooked in construction." It was also noted that the product has a unique feature, a hardened stainless steel hinge, the one and only moving part on the construction. The step's steel structure, in combination with the hinge, provides continuing performance despite climate conditions such as ice, snow, sand, or mud. It is e-coated and powder coated for durability. Additionally, it is compatible with truck bed covers and liners and may be used as a bed extender.

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